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Wednesday 28th September 2022

Yes Queens

Yes Queens is the West End’s first female-led improvised comedy night. Featuring top UK impro talent!

Gigglemug Theatre

We’ve all heard some juicy gossip, but have you ever wondered if there’s more to the story?.

Thursday 29th September 2022

These Folk

A new story as old as time, based on your suggestions!  Improvised mythical musical folk tale.

Do Not Adjut Your Stage

A unique show there TED-style talks from expert speakers inspire improvised comedy.

Friday 30th September 2020

Bareback Kings

Improv drag kings vs. 21st century. Gender, politics, Deliveroo – none are safe

Baby Wants Candy

Roller coaster ride of improvised dance numbers, rhyming verses and witty jaw-dropping comedy.

Do the Right Scene

Shaking the world of improv with some of the hottest BIPOC talents on the circuit!.

Saturday 1st October 2022



Games, long form and original comedy formats from the Asian improv champions!


Unique mix of virtuoso musicianship, agile wit and ingenious storytelling.


The improvised 90’s sitcom, inspired by classic sitcoms.  Could this show BE any funnier?

Q.I. -Queer Improv

London’s first all-queer veteran improv group bringing you big gay laughs since 2016.

Comedy Store Players

Official Guiness World Record Holders for the longest running comedy show with the same cast!

Grand Theft Impro

An hour of sketchs, skits and songs, all inspired by audience suggestions.

Sunday 2nd October 2022


Artificial intelligence improvisation, a surreal improv-meets-science comedy show.


Experience a projected VR motion capture world with improvisers live on stage.

Dog and Pony Shows

‘Pixels’ is a VR show created by improvisers using live animation, and the audience’s true stories.

CSI: Crime Scene Improv

No one knows who the killer is – not even the cast!  A surreal murder chosen by the audience.

Track 96

The RAPture: Get ready for the hottest hip hop apocalypse, accompanied by a live beatboxer.

Workshops – Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd October


Baby Wants Candy

Three hour musical improv intensive.  No musical expereince needed!

Grand Theft Impro

How to create scenes without safety nets, make them work, and find the fun.