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Friday 26th October 2018


The UK’s first ethnically diverse improvisational theatre company performs comedy sketches which are 100% made up on the spot with no scripts or rehearsals.

Pilot Season: The Improvised ‘Next Big Thing’

You, the audience, are the TV executives about to watch the first screening of a pilot episode of a new series (the direction of which will be decided by you in the opening moments).

The Concept

For one night only musicians, singers, visual artists and audience will unite to give birth to a concept album that has never been heard before and that will never be heard again.

Saturday 27th October 2018

Box of Frogs

Fresh from sell-out performances at Birmingham’s Glee Club and featuring live musical accompaniment, Box of Frogs perform high-octane improvised games, scenes and songs based entirely on audience suggestions! 

Neil +1

Witness an improvised theatre show where the leading performer has yet to be cast!  Neil+1 is a unique show starring Neil Curran and a random audience member who has never taken to the stage before!


Join a lineup of wonderful comedy talents as they solve a murder in front of your eyes.

Spontaneous Potter

Spontaneous Potter is an entirely improvised Harry Potter comedy play, based on an audience suggestion of a fan fiction title.

North Coast

With their seamless melding of comedic timing and freestyle rapping abilities, North Coast frequently blurs the line between comedy show and concert.

Sunday 28th October 2018

Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity Show

An ensemble improvised gig raising funds to support the amazing work done by Birmingham Children’s Hospital

Castles in the Air

Set out on a voyage of discovery inspired by Japanese anime powerhouse Studio Ghibli films such as My Neighbour Totoro and Oscar-winning Spirited Away.

Bumper Blyton

The picnic hamper’s packed full of parody, ready for a riotous improvised spoof in the style of Enid Blyton.

Impromptu Shakespeare

A completely improvised Shakespeare play inspired by audience suggestions. Bursting with comedy, love, tragedy, mistaken identity and everything in-between, this show will delight Shakespeare nerds and newbies alike..

Monday 29th October


Fat Penguin and Watch This

In this double-bill, Fat Penguin present the Armando Diaz Experience, exploring stories of the cast’s lives and Watch This present Improvabunga, the totally improvised movie-adventure-extravaganza!


Sometimes human but often not, BEINGS conjure up surreal, funny and occasionally beautiful stories, all underscored with otherworldly, electronic music by Dylan Buckle on Maschine.

Tuesday 30th October

The Kneejerks and Off Broad Street

Scenes, stories, silliness from The Kneejerks.
Plus! Birmingham troupe Off Broad Street will take the suggestion of a location from the audience, paint it with words and music, and improvise a full length piece of musical theatre.  A show by turns hilarious, touching, warm and joyous.


LoveHard are Jacob Lovick and Tyler Harding. There’s nothing saucy. They specialise in surrealist longform narrative comedy.

Wednesday 31st October – Halloween Spooktacular!


Foghorn Unscripted

Join Foghorn Unscripted, masters of improvisation and performance, as they take you on a chilling journey. Assist the ghost hunters as they investigate a reported haunting.

The Society of Strange

Tales of the weird, macabre and uncanny. Improv isn’t just comedy – prepare to be spooked!

Thursday 1st November


Baron Sternlook

Using audience suggestions they will create an hour long improvised musical; expect whirlwind romance, gripping drama and outrageous silliness every time!

Improvised Star Wars

In a galaxy far, far away (or, Birmingham), Improvised Star Wars brings you  adventures in space.

Friday 2nd November


The country’s quickest comic performers conjure up a brand new ‘lost’ Jane Austen novel based on nothing more than a title suggested by the audience.

Saturday 3rd November

The Showstoppers’ Kids Show

The Showstoppers’ Kids Show takes kids’ ideas and turn them into marvelous musical adventures from scratch, right away and in front of your very noses.

Showstopper! The Improvised Musical

Spontaneous musical comedy at its absolute finest – direct from the West End and now heading to the Birmingham Improv Festival!

2016 Olivier Award Winners – Best Entertainment and Family Show