The Kneejerks

7.00pm – 8.00pm
Blue Orange Theatre

The Kneejerks perform in a double bill with Off Broad Street at 7.00pm followed by Lovehard at 8.30pm

Ticket for all 3 Tuesday shows:
£14 (£11 Concessions) 

The Kneejerks react to audience suggestions with lightning speed to create a fantastic comedy show each time they take the stage. 

Enjoy back-to-back sketches revealing the humour in everyday things. See schoolchildren dream, married couples argue and pensioners reflect on it all as the quick-witted performers find the funnies within. Covering a wide range of comic styles guaranteed to make you laugh, there’s something for everyone whatever your comic tastes.

“Bloody hilarious!
It’s not just about funny characters and quips – the scenes have shape,
the whole has a structure, it is an impressive feat”


“I had never been to an improv comedy show. I assumed it was niche and amateurish but I couldn’t have been more wrong. The chemistry between the group was incredible and an excellent display of fast-thinking wit.”