Off Broad Street

7.00pm – 8.00pm
Blue Orange Theatre

 Off Broad Street perform in a double bill with The Kneejerks at 7.00pm followed by Lovehard at 8.30pm

Ticket for all 3 Tuesday shows:
£14 (£11 Concessions) 

Birmingham troupe Off Broad Street will take the suggestion of a location from the audience, paint it with words and music, and improvise a full length piece of musical theatre.  Scenes, songs, dance and music never before seen or heard and never to be seen or heard again.  A show by turns hilarious, touching, warm and joyous.

The cast features John Guelke (Box of Frogs), Jen Kenny (Same Faces, City Impro Bat for the Freak, Box of Frogs), Lee Dempsey (Box of Frogs), Karen Benjamin (Box of Frogs), Jon Trevor (Kneejerks, Box of Frogs), Katie Goldhawk (Baron Sternlook), Matt Cullane (Baron Sternlook) and Luke Cousin, with music by Geddes Cureton.