Castles in the Air

5.00pm – 6.00pm
Blue Orange Theatre

£8 (£6 Concessions)

Set out on a voyage of discovery inspired by Japanese anime powerhouse Studio Ghibli films such as My Neighbour Totoro and Oscar-winning Spirited Away. Castles in the Air improvised tales of friendship and transformation, in worlds limited only by our imaginations. Take a break from life’s practicalities and be gently swept along with our lovable characters, where a happy ending is (almost) always guaranteed.

After it’s successful run as part of the Nursery Original series, Castles in the Air has most recently appeared the Charity Improv Battle and The Verbs present …  The cast are drawn from across the improv spectrum, from Theatresports to musical and organic improv, and include the directors of United, The Concept and Carmen, film noir improv.

Castles in the Air feels like Studio Ghibli. They’ve captured something ephemeral in the staging and particularly the tempo of the production. There is magic here but also heart and wonder and play. It is beautiful to watch.” 
– Chris Mead, Co-Artistic Director, The Nursery Theatre

“Castles in the Air is perfection. It’s like watching the whimsy and emotions of my daydreams live on stage.” 
– Meredith Annex, Director, Charity Improv Battle

genuinely beautiful ideas … really caught the mood of those movies” 
– Ruth Bratt, Showstoppers