Groove Along to an Improvised Concept Album

The Concept will be creating a never-before-heard brand new concept album, based on an audience-supplied title, right before your eyes and ears!

See them at Birmingham Improv Festival, Friday 26th October, 9.30pm. #brumprov2018


Forsooth! The Bard Approacheth!

Impromptu Shakespeare are on their way to the Festival with another made up Shakespeare play!  Don’t delay, book your ticket to see them on October 28th.  #brumprov2018




Improv is for Kids too!

The Olivier-award winning Showstopper! are putting on an extra show just for kids.  Adults are allowed to come and watch, but only the kids can contribute ideas.  And whatever they say, happens….  #brumprov2018

Book now!



It’s not all fun and games – Neil Curran prepares

Neil Curran “hard at work” rehearsing for his show at Birmingham Improv Festival #brumprov2018

Neil+1 is a unique show starring Neil Curran and a random audience member who has never taken to the stage before!  There are no tricks or plants, instead what unfolds is an alternate view of the life of the audience member, unfolding through improvised


Halloween Spookiness for Birmingham Improv Festival

A dark and spooky event awaits you on Halloween at the Birmingham Improv Festival.  The Society of Strange bring you tales of the weird, macabre and uncanny. Improv isn’t just comedy – prepare to be spooked!



What a Line-Up!

potter 1

The full line-up for the Birmingham Improv Festival is now in place, and what an amazing 9 days it’s going to be!  22 shows, featuring 24 companies, in two different  venues.  We are thrilled to have attracted so many brilliant companies to perform, including the Olivier-Award winning Showststopper! who will be performing not one but two shows at Birmingham Rep – not only their full, 2-hour totally improvised West End Musical, but an improvised kids show matinee, where only the young people are able to make the suggestions.

We also have a host of other brilliant shows – with genres like Star Wars, Potter, Enid Blyton, Horror, Shakespeare, Musicals, Studio Ghibli, all improvised.  Truly something for all tastes.

Check out the line-up now, and buy your tickets before shows start to sell out.