Short Workshops

A host of workshops from some of the UK’s finest improv teachers:

Wednesday 25th October – Box of Frogs. 
10am –  12 noon.

Kids workshop
An entertaining introduction to the fun of improv, with fun, games and drama.  Suitable for ages 7+

£10 – booking form below

Saturday 28th October –  Showstopper
10am –  12 noon.

Improvised Music Theatre
The award-winning showstoppers let you into the secrets of improvising a full West End musical!


Saturday 28th October -The Maydays
10am –  12 noon.

Objects that Talk
An excitable jam jar, a grumpy lampshade, a lazy pair of shoes… do you love playing objects on stage as if they were real people? Then this workshop is for you!  Mayday Rhiannon will give you all the fun techniques you need to bring your objects to life, infusing them with personalities of their own.  Even if you don’t know where to start, this class will give you all the tools you need to play objects with joy and confidence.

£10 – booking form below

Saturday 28th October – Impromptu Shakespeare
1.00pm – 3.00pm

Improvising Shakespeare
Get to grips with Shakespeare in a very different way – by making it up. Learn how to improvise using style, character and language techniques to create the scenes Shakespeare never wrote. Improvisers from the critically-acclaimed Impromptu Shakespeare will guide you using specially developed games and exercises to refine your Shakespearean improv skills.

£10 – booking form below

Sunday 29th October – MC Hammersmith
10am –  12 noon.

Intro to Improvised Rap!
Master rapper Will Naameh will bring your improv rap up to speed.

£10 – booking form below

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Birmingham Improv Festival 2017: Workshops