Frequently asked questions:

How long are the shows?
All the shows are 60 minutes in length, except for Lovehard on Friday October 27th, which is 30 minutes, and the Charity Gala on Sunday 29th, which is 2 hrs.

Are the shows suitable for children?
There are two shows specifically for younger people – Showstopper Kids on Saturday 28th October,  and Tadpoles on Wednesday 25th October.  Apart from that, we cannot guarantee that shows will be suitable for children.  None of the shows are specifically focused on creating adult material, but the nature of improvised performances is such that anything may crop up, and this may include swearing, and references to sex, drugs and rock-and-roll!

Can I buy tickets on the door?
Yes you can – but only if the show hasn’t sold out.  The venue has just 100 seats, many shows sold out last year, and we had to turn people away, so for peace of mind why not book in advance?  Start choosing your shows now on our 2017 Show Line Up page.  Make sure you check out our combined day-tickets, and our all-weekend tickets too.

Is your site secure – I am nervous about entering my credit card details?
When you buy tickets for shows and workshops, you are actually using JavaScript widgets which are hosted on a completely separate, highly secure website, owned by our Box Office Supplier, Line-Up.   Payment is then taken by the Stripe payment gateway, which has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor as a Service Provider Level 1.
If you are still anxious, you can purchase tickets directly from Line-Up’s secure website.  Use https://lineupnow.com/event/birmingham-improv-festival-2017 for shows, and https://lineupnow.com/event/birmingham-improv-festival-2017-workshops for workshops.

What counts as a concession?
Full time students, unemployed or retired people.

Can I bring my own food?
Sorry, but no outside food or drink can be consumed in the theatre.

Can I come in and out of the theatre without my tickets being checked?
You can come in and out of the building freely, but you will be checked into each performance.

Are you running any beginners’ workshops?
There is a workshop for kids from 7+, on Wednesday 25th October, at which beginners are welcome.  This year we are not running any adult beginners’ workshops.  If you would like to learn improv, we recommend you take a class at the Blue Orange.

Do the all-day and weekend tickets include workshops?
No, they are for shows only.  You can book workshops from the workshops page.

Is it really all improvised, or have they secretly planned some of it?
Improvisers are always amused that after years of study and practice, the highest accolade their best performances get is accusations of cheating!  We consider it a compliment, when the show is so good people believe it must be scripted.  But trust us, it is all made up, every time.