Phil Lunn is….

Phil Lunn is……whoever tonight’s audience wants him to be.  Phil Lunn Is… that singer. You remember him. He used to be big. Whatever happened to him? Enjoy an evening in the presence of a great star of pop music, created by the audience for this show only. Comedy songs and chat, all made up on the spot. All his hits, and a look back at his personal highs and lows.

A new person, with new songs, every show.

All completely improvised, based on ideas from the audience.

“A powerhouse of musical improv” — Open Your Mouth And Sing
“Phil Lunn made me smile for the first time in three weeks.” — an audience member, Tallin
My jaw wouldn’t leave the floor. Loved every single minute.” — Swedish Improv Festival 2016

In a double bill with


£9/£7 (conc.)